About me

I dream of a world where nonprofits have the ressources to significantly impact and change the world. Where changemakers are empowered and take an active role in building the New Normal.

After 8 years spent abroad in different parts of the world (Latin America, Southeastern Asia, the Middle East), I became aware of global humanitarian issues at a young age.

Having developed both a non profit and business background, I’ve worked with more than 30 organizations since 2016 operating in a wide range of causes: education, arts & culture, medical research, human rights, youth empowerment, social inclusion, etc. Get to know more about them here.

Photo Axelle Roi

As a fundraiser and consultant, I help organizations design creative strategies and initiate meaningful conversations for powerful collaborations on the long haul. As a coach and mentor, I support changemakers throughout their journey. 

I’m always eager to learn, explore new ways of doing things and create new opportunities. I’m driven by a result-oriented culture, an out the box way of thinking and a feeling for the general interest.

I’m a fellow member of both Association Française des Fundraisers and European Fundraising Association. I regularly teach as a visiting lecturer at TBS Business School and IRCOM graduate school in Angers, France.