Clients Review

After living abroad, when I returned to France, I called on the services of Axelle to find out how to understand the French fundraising market. Axelle was able to identify my needs to provide me with a suitable offer. Her dynamism, her communicative joy and her great listening skills allowed me in record time to progress in my thinking and to find the right solutions to my situation. I will be happy to use Axelle’s services again. I warmly recommend Axelle, to any person or organization who wants an effective coach with a generous and human approach.

Olivier Tassan, December 2020 – Coaching

Un bon dosage d’apports d’ordre stratégique et d’ordre technique (outils, conseils pratiques). Bravo à Axelle Roi pour son énergie communicante, sa volonté de nous rendre attentifs, fond intéressant, etc. Elle a su rendre son cours dynamique et nous transmettre sa passion du Fundraising ! Top !

IRCOM students, November 2020 – Training

I worked with Axelle in 2019. Her experience and insights were invaluable.

Nicholas McRoberts, Founder of Opéra Montmartre, October 2019 – Consulting

Axelle helped us have a clear strategy to make our fundraising efforts more efficient and impactful.
Our non-profit organisation (MFRB) is volunteer-runed for 5 years, and we needed to professionalize to expand our impact. For that, we had to search for new income sources. But we didn’t have the tools and the methodology to make our fundraising effective towards activating our membership acquisition or approaching foundations. Thanks to her actionable pieces of advice, we were able to build a process and documentation to get things done for real, adopting the right mindset, and even expand our fundraising team! Thanks, Axelle for being such a good trainer and helping us being on the right tracks!

Aurélie Hampel, MFRB, October 2019 – Consulting